Vedri visual identity

who is Vedri?

After many years of work as a photographer, Vedran decided to create the visual identity for which he is known – Vedri, his nickname. 

Our goal was to combine serenity (happiness, the sun) and a camera in one. But, what if there are already a million ways to do it?

Vedri vizitke


Using a circle, cut in half (like a sunset), combines serenity, happiness, and the sun. The sunset has been enhanced with the outline of the upper part of the camera.


In order to promote himself, we designed a business card and t-shirt for him.

One side of the card features the logo we designed.
The other side contains information about photographer and the camera lines that represent the photography.

Business cards

T-shirt with logo

CLIENT: Vedran Božičević

TYPE: Visual identity

TIME: September, 2021

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