what is U(Z)DRUGE?

With the U(Z)DRUGE project, smaller and less capacitated associations can solve their everyday operations and deal with crisis situations in the local community.

Using funds from the ESF, two associations with extensive experience in different fields of activity transfer their skills and knowledge to less experienced associations. As a result of the project activities, the associations become more organized and efficient in responding to end user needs.

Their activities and education strengthen the knowledge and skills of all participants.


The logo is based on the following words: mentoring, networking, sustainability, activism, local community and social inclusion.

We used the letter Z as a special part of the logo since it is placed in parentheses. The letters were converted into 3D triangles that spread out to signify mentorship, social inclusion, networking, and community.

U(Z)DRUGE logo idea

typography and color palette:

Pantone 660 C


Pantone 7685 C


Pantone 534 C


Pantone 2465 C


Pantone 7739 C


Pantone 2270 C


U(Z)DRUGE Typography


U(Z)DRUGE Horizontalni logo

poster B2:


U(Z)DRUGE Notebook
During the project, associations will cooperate with civil society on the project objectives, and these notebooks will serve as evidence of the joint effort.

roll up:

Roll-up banners are a wise choice for presentations and workshops.

CLIENT: Centar za poduku i savjetovanje Lumos

TYPE: Visual identity for EU project

TIME: January, 2022

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