Rovinjske Njuškice - Musetti Rovignesi

who are Rovinjske Njuškice - Musetti Rovignesi?

AANP Rovinj Muzzles – Musetti Rovignesi is the first and only association registered in the city of Rovinj-Rovigno with the main goal of caring for neglected animals in the ​this area. They take care of abandoned and sick animals without human care and feeding places for free-living cats.
They help municipalities and companies in the care and treatment of animals. As part of the “Catch-Neuter-Return” project, in cooperation with the services of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno and veterinary ambulances in ​Rovinj area, they perform castration of free-living cats as a measure of population control. In addition to rescuing animals, they work on education and animal care projects, and on the application of regulations related to animal welfare.
Their Society Rovinjske Muzzles-Musetti rovignesi cooperates with the Val dei Saresi dog shelter, and they also take care of abandoned animals ourselves within the limits of their capabilities. They cooperate with volunteers and associations from other cities and municipalities throughout Croatia, as well as with those from Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany.
Rovinj Muzzles - Cat
Rovinj Muzzles - Dogs
Rovinj Muzzles - Cat


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