Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča

what is Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča?

The “Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča” project is co-financed by the European Union and has the goal of encouraging reading and reading skills in the area of Lekenik as well as raising public awareness of reading’s significance for personal growth and social integration.

Numerous events are offered by the Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča in order to promote reading culture.

There are workshops for students, pensioners, and people who are looking to continue their education. Among the events you can find are theater performances, poetry events, and book collections.


The logo for their EU project incorporated elements of water lilies and books.
It was imperative to them that the logo convey both a playful and serious attitude for this project.
Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča logo idea including water lily and open book

typography and color palette:





Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča fonts for heading and text


Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča Logo u boji

poster B2:

Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča poster B2
Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča plakat za radionice
These blank posters can be filled out with information on specific workshops and used to inform their audiences.


Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča notebook
We designed these adorable notebooks so that children and adults wouldn’t forget anything new that they learned or just take notes.

roll up:

Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča roll up banner
Roll-up banners are a wise choice for presentations and workshops.

flyer A5:

On flyers, we included key information about the project and future workshops in Lekenik.

CLIENT: Nacionalna knjižnica i čitaonica Lekenik

TYPE: Visual identity for EU project

TIME: November – December, 2021

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