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Labinska Komuna is the youngest portal in Labin, featuring news primarily from Labin, but also from Istria. On February 4, 2019, it was launched with the aim of providing relevant news to its fellow citizens as soon as possible.

Labinska Komuna phone design


In order to change the appearance of the Labinska Komuna portal, we decided to conduct a survey to discover what its users like and dislike. Several questions were asked regarding which topics readers like or dislike reading, what are the most significant parts of the portal  or what can be redundant.

From appearance and simplicity to functionality, we got a rough idea of what would make Labinska Komuna stand out as more cut down and higher quality than the competition. Through the application of visual identity and fonts, we created a design and a page that shows outstanding news in a large format. Older news are displayed in numbers between 3 and 4, and between them we have columns, podcasts, and advertisements.

Labinska Komuna portal
Labinska Komuna redesign portal
Labinska Komuna portal

typography and color palette:




Labinska - Typography


Labinska Komuna - kultura


Labinska Komuna - news

CLIENT: KOVA PR, agencija za promidžbu i oglašavanje, vl. Elvis Uravić

TYPE: UX/UI web redesign

TIME: January, 2022

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