Bacači sjenki - Konstelacije zajednice

what is Konstelacije zajednice?

The “Community Constellations” (Konstelacije zajednice) project is a kind of hybrid, i.e. a pilot project of “healing” the community through strategic planning and activating the community with psychotherapeutic and artistic-creative means during crisis situations.
Bacači Sjenki, ALD Sisak, and Association Luč developed this collaborative project to enhance the capacities of civil society organizations (CSOs) from Sisak-Moslavina County (SMC) for community work through the development of innovative tools and methods during the crisis itself, integrating art and creative working methods, and exploring the knowledge and resources of the Sisak-Moslavina residents.


Konstelacije zajednice logo idea

typography and color palette:

Pantone 19-3831 TCX Martime Blue


Pantone 18-3833 TCX Dusted Peri


Pantone 19-3911 Black Beauty


Pantone 12-4108 TCX Ancient Water


Konstelacije zajednice Typography


Konstelacije zajednice Horizontalni logo

posters B2:

Konstelacije zajednice radionica

roll up:

Roll-up banners are a wise choice for presentations and workshops.

posters B2 - creative evenings with various guests:

CLIENT: Association Bacači sjenki

TYPE: Visual identity for EU project

TIME: March – October, 2022

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