K DISTILLERY gin label print design


For K DISTILLERY, a newly opened distillery that produces gin, we designed a label for their interesting bottles.

The pine forest is a part of their product, so we decided to base it on the forest and its representation on the label.

The golden color Pantone 15-1142 TPG Honey Gold, which is the main part of the visual identity and logo, is used for the front part of the forest, which is printed with foil to give the impression of richness and elegance. While the forest contains more than three trees, there are many more in the background of varying colors.

The middle of the bottle has the letter K, the name of the gin: LONDON DRY GIN, and part of the logo: FEEL THE MAGIC.

typography and color palette:

Pantone 15-1142 TPG Honey Gold


Pantone Black 2 XGC


Pantone 448 XGC


Pantone 19-0614 TPG Wren


K DISTILLERY - Typography


K DISTILLERY gin label
K DISTILLERY gin bottle
K DISTILLERY gin bottle

CLIENT: K Distillery d.o.o.

TYPE: Label print

TIME: October, 2022

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