K DISTILLERY - Visual identity

who is K DISTILLERY? The K DISTILLERY is a recently opened distillery producing gin, and a new product could be available soon.  Based on the letter K and the phrase FEEL THE MAGIC, we devised a visual identity that is set in black and gold.  In order to emphasize the taste, we wanted to highlight […]

Konstelacije zajednice

Bacači sjenki - Konstelacije zajednice

what is Konstelacije zajednice? The “Community Constellations” (Konstelacije zajednice) project is a kind of hybrid, i.e. a pilot project of “healing” the community through strategic planning and activating the community with psychotherapeutic and artistic-creative means during crisis situations. Bacači Sjenki, ALD Sisak, and Association Luč developed this collaborative project to enhance the capacities of civil society […]

Rovinjske Njuškice | Musetti Rovignesi

Rovinjske Njuškice - Musetti Rovignesi

who are Rovinjske Njuškice – Musetti Rovignesi? AANP Rovinj Muzzles – Musetti Rovignesi is the first and only association registered in the city of Rovinj-Rovigno with the main goal of caring for neglected animals in the ​this area. They take care of abandoned and sick animals without human care and feeding places for free-living cats. They […]


idea: typography and color palette: Pantone 10271 C #327FAA Pantone 10390 C #6B7175 Pantone 10399 C #363432 result: CLIENT: FLECTO TRADE d.o.o. TYPE: Logo design TIME: February, 2022



what is U(Z)DRUGE? With the U(Z)DRUGE project, smaller and less capacitated associations can solve their everyday operations and deal with crisis situations in the local community. Using funds from the ESF, two associations with extensive experience in different fields of activity transfer their skills and knowledge to less experienced associations. As a result of the […]

Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča

Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča

what is Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča? The “Putujuća knjiga Bijelog Lopoča” project is co-financed by the European Union and has the goal of encouraging reading and reading skills in the area of Lekenik as well as raising public awareness of reading’s significance for personal growth and social integration. Numerous events are offered by the Putujuća […]


Vedri visual identity

who is Vedri? After many years of work as a photographer, Vedran decided to create the visual identity for which he is known – Vedri, his nickname.  Our goal was to combine serenity (happiness, the sun) and a camera in one. But, what if there are already a million ways to do it? idea: Using […]